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Sex Crimes

Legal Defense for Criminal Sex Crimes Charges

The Penalties Are Steep:
It's Worth It to Fight Back Against Sex Crimes Charges

When lawyers talk about penalties, they usually mean penalties for a criminal conviction. Individuals charged with sex crimes, however, face serious social stigmas even if they are not convicted. We can help.

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If you are accused of or arrested for any type of sex crime — including rape, sexual assault, sex with a minor, possession of child pornography, or Internet solicitation— that arrest will be part of your criminal record. Your criminal record is available to employers and landlords who perform a background check.

If you are convicted, you will almost certainly have to register on a public sex offender registry — sometimes for 10 years, and sometimes for life. In both Maryland and DC, the sex offender registry is a publicly accessible database that includes detailed personal information about people convicted of sex crimes.

An Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer With a Record of Success

Our law firm is led by seasoned trial lawyer Lloyd A. Malech, who has practiced criminal law in Maryland and DC for more than 14 years. Mr. Malech's record shows a long-standing dedication to the rights of criminal defendants in all cases, as well as a history of success defending clients in difficult and emotional cases, including false allegations of child sexual abuse.

In the News: View Mr. Malech's TV appearance on FOX-5 News, where he discusses the laws in Maryland and the District regarding sexual conduct of minors.

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