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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Law

As part of our commitment to families and their legal needs, we have started to embrace collaborative law to address specific problems of our clients.

Collaborative lawyers serve their clients' during the mediation process. Collaborative lawyers can strengthen and enrich the mediation process. We are here to help our clients resolve conflicts that are complicated and overwhelming. It's most often seen in family law, but collaborative law also works more efficiently in general business litigation and contract disputes. Collaborative law is used when both parties agree to settle the issue without going to court.

At the Law Firm of Lloyd A. Malech, we understand the issues involved when families are torn apart by issues, such as divorce, custody battles, probate, financial security and more. We want to address these issues for the best interests of our clients and their families. We want to resolve them smoothly without pain. That is why we are now offering collaborative legal services. We can bring together experts in accounting, social work, counseling, financial advice, real estate and other interests to address an issue from all fronts and resolve it quickly without problems.

Collaborative Divorce

The approach to divorce using collaborative law is different from traditional divorce proceedings. We at the Law Offices of Lloyd A. Malech understand what traditional divorce can do the parties involved. No one wins in a typical "tear your spouse apart divorce" where emotions run high. Those type of divorces are meant to hurt. Even if clients get what they want, it would be at a considerable cost. Here at the Law Offices of Lloyd A. Malech we have embraced collaborative divorce or no-court divorce as an alternative way to process a divorce.

During a collaborative divorce, we want our clients to maintain a respectful tone, prioritize the needs of the families and children involved, provide equal consideration to their spouse's needs and concerns, work creatively and cooperatively to produce a result, plan for the future of all parties involved, and behave ethically toward their spouses. Collaborative also is known as peaceful divorce. We want you to be at peace instead of at war. We want to be a divorce coach to guide you to a peaceful resolution instead of a divorce attorney desiring to destroy your partner. With collaborative divorce, both parties win and come away with a resolution that is in best interest of both.

Transparency Counts

We know that you will be scared. This process is new to you and will affect your emotions in many ways. We pride ourselves to go through the mediation process step by step to lessen the fear and reduce emotional reactions of our clients. We want you to understand what to expect and what to do when the time comes. Collaborative law allows us as much transparency as possible. Being open with our clients helps them accept their situation and address the issues in their best interest. We'll be there to help them in any way the law allows. We will collaborate with the experts they need in other fields. Collaborative law model requires parties to exchange information and develop strategies to resolve disputes. This is unlike traditional law where transparency is discouraged. We want our clients to feel good about the process and procedures so we are happy to have an open and transparent mediation that is indicative of collaborative law.

Our Pledge

We here at Law Offices of Lloyd A. Malech, make a pledge to our clients. We will fight for their interests. We will listen to their concerns and devise the best collaborative strategy to address those concerns. We will be there for our clients when they need us even if we have to stay late in the evenings. We'll work hard to achieve the best resolution to your issue. We'll use everything at our disposal to help you, including the tools in the collaborative law tool box. We'll make the process smooth and reduce your stress. We'll move through the process quickly to come to a quick resolution that satisfies all parties involved. We'll work with all extended family members to prevent them from undermining the collaborative process while maintaining integrity and transparency. We'll help our clients bring legitimate issues involving extended family members to the collaborative table for construction discussion.

Contact our firm today if you need someone to listen to your concerns in:

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We serve Maryland and the District of Columbia. We understand the laws and court procedures in both jurisdictions. We are located near the Metro to serve our clients better. Call us today. We'll help you with collaborative law to resolve your conflicts.

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