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Assault & Domestic Violence Cases in Bethesda, MD

A minor argument turns into an assault charge. Suddenly, your clean criminal record is in danger. Conviction for a misdemeanor or felony assault can easily mean jail time — besides the fact that any future background check may show the arrest and the conviction.

Located in Bethesda, The Law Offices of Lloyd A. Malech offers aggressive criminal defense at reasonable rates to residents of all of Maryland and the greater Washington, DC metro area. Attorney, Lloyd A. Malech, believes that high-quality criminal defense services should be available to all criminal defendants, including people who do not have access to unlimited funds to pay a lawyer.

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Defense of Assault and Domestic Violence Charges

We have extensive experience building successful defenses in domestic violence and assault cases, including simple assaults, domestic assaults, threats, violations of restraining orders, and criminal contempt charges.

We look carefully at the underlying circumstances surrounding the alleged assault.

  • Was a false accusation made?
  • Did our client act in self-defense?
  • What was the motive of the alleged victim of the assault?

The answers to these questions help us build a defense in domestic violence and assault cases.

Keeping Your Criminal Record Clean

In all cases, our goal is to minimize the negative consequences of an arrest for assault or domestic violence. We build a defense based on our independent case investigation, and then we negotiate with the prosecution for a dismissal or reduction in charges. When necessary, we have the resources and experience to fight for a not-guilty verdict at trial.

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