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Modifications and Enforcement of Divorce Decrees in Bethesda

In Maryland and the District of Columbia, the family courts recognize that a divorce decree — although a final and legally binding document — may require modification over time. Enforcement of the divorce decree may also prove necessary, for example if an ex-spouse owes back child support or refuses to follow a visitation schedule.

The courts in both jurisdictions provide procedures for modification and enforcement actions. But even when the procedures are straightforward, the process of negotiating a modification or enforcement with your ex-spouse may not be easy. Experienced legal help can smooth the way and give you a better understanding of the likely outcome of a modification or enforcement action.

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From offices in Bethesda, The Law Offices of Lloyd A. Malech offers family law legal services to residents of all of Maryland and the greater Washington, DC metro area. Our law firm is led by seasoned trial lawyer Lloyd A. Malech, who has 20+ years of legal experience. With assistance from professional and friendly staff, Mr. Malech serves as a strong advocate in modification and enforcement actions.

Modification of Child Support and Child Custody Orders

If a change of circumstances results in a significant change in income, a child support modification order may be necessary — for example, if one parent loses a job or gets a promotion or a raise.

Child custody modification actions are often brought when the parent with primary custody wants to relocate with the child, or if the parent with primary custody is found to be engaging in activity that endangers the well-being of the child.

Parental relocation cases and parental neglect cases are often complex, and knowledgeable legal assistance is important for both parents.

Enforcement of Child Support and Child Custody Orders

Parents who receive child support can get legal help from state government offices if they are owed unpaid child support. Nonetheless, private legal assistance may be helpful; given the high number of child support enforcement actions the government handles each year, one-on-one legal help with a child support enforcement action may be more efficient.

A parent who owes back child support is vulnerable to an enforcement action — often called a motion for contempt. If you are served with a motion for contempt, do not ignore the legal paperwork. Failure to respond may result in a default judgment against you. A default judgment may result in additional financial penalties as well as loss of your driver’s license or even possibly jail time.

A parent who is being denied visitation rights may also bring an enforcement action. You may ask the family law court to order the child’s other parent to allow your scheduled visitation. The court may also order additional parenting time for you, to make up for lost time. In especially serious cases, the court may order a change in the custody agreement.

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