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Marital Property Settlements in Bethesda and DC

For some divorcing couples, the marital property settlement is one of the easier agreements to reach. For other spouses, negotiating a fair marital property settlement is a major stumbling block to finalizing the divorce.

At The Law Offices of Lloyd A. Malech, we serve as aggressive advocates on behalf of clients who need a strong lawyer to make sure they get a fair result in their marital property settlement.

Our law firm is located in Bethesda, and we serve clients throughout Maryland and the greater Washington, DC metro area. Attorney Lloyd A. Malech, a seasoned trial lawyer, has 20+ years of experience handling family law matters in Maryland and DC courts.

Marital Property Settlements: The Basics

In both Maryland and the District of Columbia, property division during a divorce is guided by the principle of equitable distribution. Equitable distribution means that marital property — and marital debt — must be divided fairly between the spouses but not necessarily equally.

Unlike Maryland, in DC, the Courts can divide marital debt. In Maryland, though the Courts do not divide the marital debt, the Courts do look at each party’s debts and may consider the debts when allocating marital assets between the divorcing spouses.

The marital property settlement must specify the distribution of all assets — including real estate — that was acquired or that appreciated in value during the marriage. Separate property of each spouse remains the property of each spouse.

Marital debts should be considered when dividing the parties’ assets. Marital property settlements must also specify who will be responsible for debts that accrued during the marriage. Mortgages, loans, lines of credit, and other debts — all marital debt must be divided between the spouses as part of the marital settlement agreement.

Hidden Assets: Location and Retrieval

Our law firm has substantial experience working on behalf of clients who believe their spouses have assets hidden away that should be part of the marital property settlement. We employ accountants and forensic investigators to track hidden assets and trace financial actions — all with the goal of negotiating a fair marital property settlement on our clients’ behalf.

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